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Kanseitov Abdykhamed Shakhizadayevich

Director of Automobile Roads and Bridge Structures Department of JSC “KazdorNII”
He was born in 1982 in Zhanatas town of Zhambyl Region. In 2005 he was graduated from Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications after M. Tynyshpayev (KazATC) on specialty “Construciton of automobile roads, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels”. 
From October 2004 to March 2006 he worked as Engineer Designer in “ABL” LLP.
From March 2006 to June 2007 he worked as Engineer of production and technical division of JSC “Dosjan Temir Zholy” in Almaty city.
From August 2007 to December 2008 he worked as Engineer of production and technical division of “Luks Stroi Ltd” LLP.
For the period from February 2009 to August 2016 he held positions of Leading Engineer, Chief Specialist and Chief of Diagnostics of Automobile Roads Division in JSC “KazdorNII”.
In August 2016 he was appointed as the Acting Director of Automobile Roads and Bridge Structures Department in JSC “KazdorNII”.
In February 2017 he was appointed as the Director of Automobile Roads and Bridge Structures Department in JSC “KazdorNII”.

Department of highways and bridge constructions

Department of highways and bridge constructions was created in August 1, 2013 after structure reorganization of "KazdorNII."

Department includes following departments:

  1. Department of diagnostics and design of highways;
  2. Department of bridge constructions;
  3. Department of economics and organization of road constructions.

In the department works 26 employees, including 2 Doctors of Technical Sciences, 3 PhD, 6 masters and 2 undergraduates.

In the process of diagnostics works on an assessment intensity and structure of movement, geometrical indicators, durability of road structures, flatness, identification formation causes of rutting, cracks and destructions of pavement, etc. are performed. Research results are used when assigning types of repair work, choice of individual structural layers of road pavement and design.

The main tasks of diagnostics are:

  • Collecting and systematization of initial information on condition of highways and artificial constructions;
  • Inspection and assessment on condition of highways and artificial constructions;
  • Justification and purpose of repair actions;
  • Formation of databank about transport and operational condition of network of highways and artificial constructions.

The main tasks of certification are:

- obtaining objective data on existence of roads and artificial constructions, their extents, about technical condition, quality, degree of exploitation of individual structure elements, information on existence and condition of engineering equipment, arrangement and condition of roads, linear buildings and constructions.

Technical account and certification of highways is carried out according to the requirements of "Rules of state accounting of highways" approved by government resolution of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 265 of 18.03.2003 and "Instruction on technical account and certification of public highways" (PR RK 218-28-03).

Technical accounting and certification is required for all public roads and artificial structures on them. Registration and certification is carried out for each road individually.    

The passport can be made on all roads, on a separate site or in area borders. Certification is carried out within a year after acts adoption of state inspection.

Department has a complete set of equipment for performance of work on diagnostics of roads and bridge constructions:

set of European measuring equipment on diagnostics of bridges (device for definition of protective layer of concrete and rebar diameter in construction structures "Search 2.25", devices for determination strength of construction materials "Pulsar 1,1", "OS Onyx", "Schmidt Hammer", Kashkarov's hammer, ultrasonic defectoscope "Range 1.2", device for determination degree of corrosion of reinforcement, etc.);

- Devices for assessment of paving flatness (bampintegrator FARNEL (England), MARYLIN).

In 2014 JSC "KazdorNII" for the Department of  highways and bridge constructions has acquired:

  1. Multipurpose diagnostic MFV system of Dynatest Company (Denmark);
  2. System of video certification of roads of NPO Region (Russia, Moscow).

Laboratory for certification and inventory of roads in its structure is centralized system for collecting and processing information, comprising:

  • video equipment with hardware recording digital video streaming in MPEG II
  • equipment positioning system
  • measuring and recording equipment and sensors
  • onboard computer systems

From 2010 to 2013, Department staff laid 7 sets of sensors in different climatic zones of Kazakhstan to explore water-thermal regime of road structures on roads of Republican value. The results allow improving design method of asphalt pavements based on real operation conditions.