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Connection of science with production

On all activities the Institute works closely with the Committee of Roads of the Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Company "KazahAvtoZhol" and its regional branches and RGI “Oblzhollaboratory”. Specialists of the institute are involved in a work and state commissions for acceptance of roads into operation.
Due to the carried-out quality monitoring of bitumens and cements the specialists of the institute support business contacts with Kazakhstan producers of bitumen – Pavlodar NHZ, Almaty "Asfaltobeton 1" LLP, Kyzylorda "UAD", Aktau bitumen plant, etc.
Production of experimental batches of asphalt concrete mixes of new structures is made at asphalt concrete plants LLP "Asfaltobeton 1" in Almaty city, "Astana - Dorstroi NS" LLP, "DS Neuburg" Astana, etc. under joint control of specialists of the institute and plant. Experimental road sections were built in cooperation with engineering and technical personnel and machine operators of LLP "Gordorremstroy" LLP PSF "Alons" and foreign companies «Mitsubishi Corporation», «Shell Canada Limited», LLC “Evonik Khimia”, US Road Technologies LLC, etc.
On productive base of LLP "KazBitumServis" of Pavlodar city with scientific and technical maintenance from specialists of the institute launched into operation the machine for preparation of polymer-bitumen binder with application of polymer Elvaloy, and in Karaganda LLP "PO "Karstoyindustriya" the machine was set up for making rubber bitumen binder (RBB).
To assist contractors in selecting of supplier companies of Kazakhstan, France, Britain, etc. the institute carries out considerable amount of works on entrance control of geosynthetic materials delivered to the market of Kazakhstan.
In training center specialists of the institute have consultations, training seminars on new materials, designs and technologies. In 2014-2016 JSC “KazdorNII” r4eceived for testing warm asphalt concrete, which reduces power consumtion for 20-25%, thin protective layers for wearing course “Microsurfacing”, which improves adhesion qualities of pavement, impregnation compounds for protection from ageing and waterproofing for asphalt concrete and cement concrete pavements.
Specialists of the institute regularly hold field training seminars at production bases in Almaty, Schuchinsk, Zhanaozen, Kulan, Shymkent on management system of bridges on highways, on exchange of the best practices and new technologies in construction and operation of highways and roads with cement concrete pavements.
The institute regularly holds scientific and technical seminars with the participation of representatives of foreign research institutes, and our specialists go to the neighbouring countries and abroad to share their experience with them.