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Kazakhstan Highway Research Institute (KazDorNII) was created in 1959 as a branch of All-Union Road Research Institute of SoyuzdorNII for solution of design problems, construction and operation of highways in regional climatic conditions of Kazakhstan. In 1992 SoyuzdorNII's branch was transformed into JSC "KazDorNII".
The Institute is accredited by the Ministry of Science and Education for the right to be engaged in scientific and scientific-technical activities.
Testing laboratory is accredited by the National Centre of Accreditation on technical competence. Institute has a conformity certificate of quality management.
On the basis of institute created and operates the Technical Committee on Standardization TK-42 "Highways".
Leading experts of the institute are members of Scientific Advisory council and working groups of Intergovernmental council of road builders.
In 2006, the Institute became a member of the World Road Association (PIARC), since 2011 Institute is the member of Association of autoroad builders of Kazakhstan, and in 2012 is the associated member of the International Society on mechanics of soil and geotechnical construction (ISSMGE).
Following the results of 2007 and 2010 the institute was awarded by Kazakhstan association of auto road builders for the best scientific and technical work in the field of design and construction of highways.
In 2008 JSC "KazDorNII" was awarded with the first transport award "Altyn Tulpar" in nomination "Leader of Transport Science" and the award of the European Business Assembly "Leader of the European quality."
In 2014, JSC "KazdorNII" was awarded with National Certificate of "Industry Leader 2014" and Golden Medal by Union of business ratings of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belorussia and Azerbaijan.
In 2016 Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) and International Academy of the authors of scientific discoveries and inventions based on the results of the carried out expertise confirmed determination of scientific discovery “Regularity of self-organizing for asphalt concrete pavement at low temperature cracking” and issued the diploma No. 495 to Teltayev Bagdat Burkhanbaiuly, the author of the scientific discovery, Honorary Member of National Academy of Sciences of the Repu8blic of Kazakhstan, Honorary Road Engineer of Kazakhstan and CIS, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, President of JSC “Kazakhstan Highway Research Institute”.
According to the resolution of the Presidium of RANS Teltayev B.B. was also awarded by Golden Medal of Pyotr Kapitsa – eminent physicist – Nobel Prize Winner.