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Meeting with representative of Swiss company “System Evergreen AG”

17 may 2016

Meeting with Mr. Giuseppe Macario, President of Swiss company “System Evergreen AG”, was held in JSC “KazdorNII” on 16th May 2016.

This meeting was organized on the basis of formal letter, received from Swiss Embassy in Kazakhstan, with the request regarding individual meeting with representatives of Swiss company “System Evergreen AG”, which showed great interest.

Administration of the Institute, headed by Mr. Teltayev B.B., the President of KazdorNII, received the visitor in the office of JSC “KazdorNII”.

One of the sectors of “System Evergreen AG” is geotechnology. In addition, the sphere of activity of the company is the construction of sound-proof walls along the highways, soil stabilization close to the highways, etc. One of the achievements of the company is the construction of sound-proof wall with the length of 14 km, the longest sound-proof wall in the world (the highway in Belgium).

Possible ways of cooperation were discussed at the meeting, as well as potential for development of partner relations between JSC “KazdorNII” and “System Evergreen AG” in future.

Swiss Embassy, in association with “Lighthouse Intelligence”, renders assistance to other Swiss companies, which are willing to enter the market of Kazakhstan, in organizing of business meetings with Kazakhstan companies for support and development of economic relations between our countries.


“System  Evergreen AG” has four main spheres of activity:

1) Designing of energy-saving houses and buildings in accordance with the latest standards ЕС (nZEB) nearly Zero Energy Building

  – actually without any power consumption. It is the first company, which gained certification in Europe regarding the use of these standards in construction, and the company is already involved in construction of houses and buildings.

2)  Supply of finishing materials for residential houses and hotels.

3) Geotechnology – the company uses in its work the latest scientific methods and engineering principles of construction, complex of interrelated engineering solutions, methods and means of construction for underground elements of buildings and structures, including means of underground space development for construction of embedded structures. 

4)  The fourth sphere of activity is connected with production of drones and georadars, constructed by Italian company “IDS”, which they represent through subsidiary company. This is a protection technology for thermophotography control and border monitoring.